The Features

The Barn


Our interior consist of a concrete waxed finished floor, white walls, and beautifully framed windows and glass doors. Also surround sound and a projector and screen are available for slideshows.

The Tables


We have a variety of different sized wooden farm tables for you to use to your liking. They were built using repurposed wood off the original horse barn on the property.

Cake Display Table


A rustic table that matches the farm tables in the barn specifically designed to accent your wedding cake. 

The Entry Doors


The double doors help hide the bridal party and help add to the suspense of the bride's grand reveal. 

The Arbor


When getting married under the Twin Oaks site the Arbor is set up for you to dream and decorate to your desire.

The Animals


We have two goats, chickens and a Great Pyrenees named Thor. They are very friendly and great entertainment, right across from the playground, for the children attending your wedding.